Narry Santos

Pastor Narry holds doctorates in New Testament and Philippine Studies, wrote several books, including Slave of All: The Paradox of Authority and Servanthood in the Gospel of Mark and Turning our Shame into Honor: Transformation of the Filipino “Hiya” in Light of Mark’s Gospel. He is an Assistant Professor of Christian Ministry and Intercultural Leadership at Tyndale University in Toronto, Canada. He is part-time Senior Pastor of Greenhills Christian Fellowship (GCF) Peel and GCF York, as church-based Church Planting Catalyst with the Canadian National Baptist Convention, and as Vice President of the Evangelical Missiological Society Canada. He ministered at GCF for 20 years, helping plant six churches in Canada and four in the Philippines. He recently planted Saddleback South Manila and was its pastor for three years.

Modules Featuring Narry Santos


Living Biblically

This module will teach the student how to integrate insights God’s Word into day-to-day living.