Who We Are

About GLC

We are Christ’s Commission Fellowship’s leadership training and development program.

The Global Leadership Center (GLC) was established in 2008 as an initiative of CCF’s leadership to equip CCF members with the Biblical knowledge, ministry skills and Christ-like attitude needed to fulfill Christ’s Great Commission to “make disciples of all the nations”. Aligned with the church’s vision, the GLC training curriculum and discipleship tools are specifically designed to meet the expanding need for equipped Christ-committed followers who have the spiritual maturity and the ability to multiply spiritually up to at least the 4th generation of disciples in their families, communities, and nations.

Our homegrown training curriculum is made up of four levels of equipping:

GLC 1 is open to all and has four modules that give an expanded view of the gospel, the basics of the Christian life, and introduces CCF’s DNA which forms the basis for everything that we do as a church. Expect to know how to pray, care in tangible ways and share your faith in Christ to your family and others at the end of this training level.

GLC 2 introduces how we do small group discipleship, God’s awesome plan for families, Spirit-filled living and the basic doctrines of the Christian life. Expect to be trained on how to influence people for Christ in your spheres of influence such as in the marketplace and in communities around you. This level is available for all GLC 1 graduates and CCF dgroup members.

GLC 3 LEAD provides a more specialized training for CCF dgroup leaders and multipliers on how to better mentor, coach and counsel their disciples towards spiritual maturity and multiplication. Apologetics and Bible book study series are an integral part of this equipping level. Sharing the gospel beyond your families and familiar places is emphasized so expect the training to include lessons on understanding worldviews, practical learnings on how to begin and sustain spiritual movements around the Philippines and “all the nations” through multiplying leaders who will “make Christ-committed followers who will make Christ-committed followers”.

GLC 4 is a continuing and open-ended training level for those who completed GLC LEAD. Dgroup leaders can choose from a wide range of Bible book studies, leadership and Christian apologetics modules that they can attend. CCF recognizes that equipping God’s people never ends and GLC 4 is designed with that in mind, with enough flexibility so that learners can decide which modules fit their particular training needs.

An overarching theme for GLC training is knowing, loving and obeying God in the power of the Holy Spirit as we follow Jesus in our family relationships, at work, in ministry and in all our pursuits and passions in life.

GLC is available in different learning formats and has been customized for use in your small groups, online and in a big group-small group training environment. Periodic special events in Christian apologetics and Bible study series are offered based on the availability of CCF Bible teachers and pastors as well as foreign guests who are experts in different fields of Biblical studies and Christian ministry.