Pastor Desmond Chan

Pastor Desmond is a graduate of the Biblical Seminary of the Philippines (BSOP) where he earned his MDiv in Christian Studies. It was in seminary where he met his wife, Jojo a fellow-student at that time. He was part of the pastoral staff of a Filipino-Chinese church before joining CCF where he served as a volunteer pastor. Later on, he was asked to serve as a CCF full-time pastor. He led CCF's Leadership and Training department for several years until right before he transitioned into CCF's church-planting movement. He and his wife established CCF Bay Area in 2016 with key volunteers from CCF Main and other satellites. They are blessed with two young adult sons and their youngest, and only daughter.

Modules Featuring Pastor Desmond Chan


Personal Development

This module addresses issues involved in the development of a believer’s spiritual, physical, mental, relational and emotional health.