Pastor Jonathan Bradford

Pastor Jonathan was born into a Christian family. At age 12, he made a conscious choice not to follow Jesus and lived a life of sin. At 17, the godly testimonies of some young people led him to ask God to save him. He burned everything connected to his old life and asked his parents for a Bible, and life was never the same again!

He trained with New Tribes Mission and was sent to the Philippines in 1997 to translate the Bible into a tribal language. He met Pastor Peter Tan-chi’s secretary, Jingle, in 1998 and 8 months later they were married. Since 2000, he has served in CCF as a volunteer pastor, Bible teacher, and Dgroup leader.

Modules Featuring Pastor Jonathan Bradford

Book Studies

Book of 1 Peter

In the midst of trials and sufferings, how can we endure victoriously in the faith?

Book Studies

Book of James

Go through a 5-part book study series on the Book of James: Faith That Works.