Pastor Jonathan Fenix

Jonathan graduated from FEBIAS Bible College in 1998 and served as a youth pastor for a few years at Grace Gospel Church before joining CCF in 2007. He served in different capacities as part of CCF's Training and Development team, interim youth pastor, and was in-charge of SNS (Saturday Night Service). He and his wife, Nicole, and their young son, Hunter are now based in Florida, USA.

Modules Featuring Pastor Jonathan Fenix

Theology and Bible

Basic Doctrines 2

This module seeks to give you a biblical understanding on Biblical Anthropology, Soteriology, the Ecclesiology, and Eschatology.

Theology and Bible

Bible Study Methods 1

This module will equip students with twelve foundational skills in studying the Bible.

Book Studies

Book of Colossians

Learn more why “Jesus Is More Than Enough” through this 4-part Colossians Book Study Series

Book Studies

Book of Malachi

Let us learn what God expects from us as we go through this GLC Book Study on Malachi.