Pastor JP Masakayan

Pastor JP was the VP-GM for the Rockwell Leisure Club after serving as VP-GM of The Power Plant Mall. He joined CCF in 2013 and now serves as Central Management Services Director, Chief-of-Staff, and a Management Committee Member. Pastor JP has a real knack for witty word plays, which he effortlessly weaves into his messages, making them not only inspirational but interesting each time.

Ptr. JP is serving the Lord alongside his wife of more than 25 years, Dr. Roochie Masakayan, as they faithfully disciple the men and women in their Dgroups as well as family and relatives in the Philippines and abroad.

Modules Featuring Pastor JP Masakayan

Book Studies

Book of 1 John

Let us learn how we can all have a close and intimate relationship with Jesus Christ.



“What is true success, and how does and ordinary man or woman achieve it? What is the ultimate purpose for success?