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Have you wondered why there seems to be so much disturbance and distress in the world today? Even with advancements in science and technology, economy, diplomacy and cooperation among different nations, etc. we are living in a time of great anguish. Modern-day plagues, wars between states, between political parties, animosity based on nationality or race and natural disasters of epic proportions are just some of the headlines we wake up to these days. Are we about to face extinction-level turn-of-events or are we in for better, brighter days as a human race? What does the future hold for humanity?

As relevant today as it was in 2010 when it was created, “What on Earth is Going on?” is a 6-week Bible Study Series that will help you get to the bottom of recent events by examining prophecies found in the ancient Judeo-Christian Scriptures. More importantly, this series will equip you and your family how to prepare for and successfully navigate through what comes in the next chapter of human history.

Speaker/s in this Module

Session 1: The Source

Next Sessions

Session 2: The Signs
Session 3: The Future
Session 4: The Reign
Session 5: The Destiny
Session 6: The Promise

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