We appreciate your desire to know more about Jesus and start your discipleship journey. We are here to help you do that!​

What is GLC 1?

GLC 1 is open to all and is for those who want to know the basics of the Christian faith. You will be taught the biblical foundation of salvation, about the Holy Spirit, and the Christian life’s basic spiritual disciplines. You are trained here to pray, care, and share the gospel to others, too.

Going through GLC 1

GLC 1 has four modules that give an expanded view of the gospel, the basics of the Christian life, and introduces CCF’s DNA which forms the basis for everything that we do as a church. Expect to know how to pray, care in tangible ways and share your faith in Christ to your family and others at the end of this training level.
*NOTE: To start your GLC 1 training and record your progress, proceed to “Training Formats” section below.
Explore how you can experience lasting change from the inside out through a personal encounter with Jesus Christ. Then make a positive impact on the world around you as you discover and live out the truth and grace of the gospel.
How can we consistently live in a way that honors God? Discover who the Holy Spirit is and the importance of the Spirit-filled life for every child of God. Understand the gifts and fruit of the Spirit and learn how to be more dependent on the Lord as you apply the truth about the Holy Spirit in your life.
See the big picture of what Christ’s Commission Fellowship is all about, discover our God-given mission, vision, and core values. Know how you are uniquely designed by God to take part in this lifetime of faith adventure of fulfilling God’s great commission.

True Life Retreat

Review and reaffirm your commitment to Jesus as our Lord and Savior and experience what True Life is in Him.

The Life App

At the end of the level, the trainees are encouraged to complete their LifeApp and apply what they have learned; and so also they can move forward to the next level which is GLC 2.

Training Formats

GLC is committed to respond to this fast-changing and fast-paced world, with the unchanging and always-relevant Biblical truth, practical ministry skills, and character-forming life application. Through different learning formats, every one can be equipped with GLC training. GLC has 4 Learning Formats, which means you can choose how you want to take your training depending on your situation and needs.

Big Small Group

Here, the training is done in a big plenary group. Afterwards, further discussion is done in a small group setting.

GLC Online

If your work or lifestyle prevent you to take onsite GLC trainings, consider getting equipped online. GLC is now available 24/7 with GLC Online.

small group

GLC in Small Groups

The trainee goes through GLC lessons with their DGroup Leader at their Small Group meetings.

GLC Zoom Classes

Our trademark interactive GLC classes conducted real-time by a GLC teacher via Zoom.