Welcome to GLC 2 as you embark on a lifetime of discovery in following Jesus! We hope that the modules here will help you grow in your faith in Jesus and to develop convictions from the Bible. We pray that the lessons here, when applied, will result in much fruitfulness in your walk with Christ.

What is GLC 2?

GLC 2 is for those who want to mature further in their faith in Christ in all aspects of life. It introduces how we do small group discipleship, God’s awesome plan for families, Spirit-filled living and the basic doctrines of the Christian life. This level is available for all GLC 1 graduates and CCF Dgroup members.

Going through GLC 2

GLC 2 has 4 courses with 4-6 lessons each covering topics on starting small groups, basic doctrines, family life and Bible survey. Expect to be trained on how to influence people for Christ in your spheres of influence such as in the marketplace and in communities around you.
*NOTE: To start your GLC 2 training and record your progress, proceed to “Training Formats” section below.
This module presents an extensive chronological overview of the Bible from Genesis to Revelation. It provides students with a working knowledge of the 66 books while focusing on the theme of God’s redemptive history through a review of the contribution of each book in God’s unfolding plan of redemption.

The Life App

Like in GLC 1, the trainees are encouraged to complete the LifeApp and apply what they have learned at the end of the level.

Training Formats

GLC is committed to respond to this fast-changing and fast-paced world, with the unchanging and always-relevant Biblical truth, practical ministry skills, and character-forming life application. Through different learning formats, every one can be equipped with GLC training. GLC has 4 Learning Formats, which means you can choose how you want to take your training depending on your situation and needs.

Big Small Group

Here, the training is done in a big plenary group. Afterwards, further discussion is done in a small group setting.

GLC Online

If your work or lifestyle prevent you to take onsite GLC trainings, consider getting equipped online. GLC is now available 24/7 with GLC Online.

small group

GLC in Small Groups

The trainee goes through GLC lessons with their DGroup Leader at their Small Group meetings.

GLC Zoom Classes

Our trademark interactive GLC classes conducted real-time by a GLC teacher via Zoom.