Take a step of faith in your Christian walk and declare your new life in Christ. 🥰

Join us on July 21, Sunday, 1:30PM for our Baptism Class! 🙌🏼
Check-in starts at 1:00pm. Please proceed to the 2nd floor new building. We’ll be holding the Baptism rites ceremony on July 28 at 1:30pm.

Save the date! 🤩


Should you wish to be baptized, please take note of the following reminders:
1. Please submit your conversion testimony at the GLC booth or send it at [email protected] on or before July 28. You can also submit your testimony through this link:
2. You need to attend the baptism class on July 21 to participate in the rites ceremony on July 28.
3. During the baptism ceremony, we recommend that you only wear dark-colored shirt and shorts. Bring a change of clothes and towel.
4. You may invite your family, friends, and Dgroup leaders to witness your declaration of faith.
5. There will be a fee of P50 for those who would like to secure a Certificate of Baptism. You can pay onsite every Sunday until July 21.

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