Pastor Jim Whelchel

Pastor Jim has been a missionary for over 35 years. He was with the regional leadership team of CRU Southeast Asia, served as Assistant to the Vice President of CRU International for Global Church Movements, and was an Executive Director of the International Graduate School of Leadership (IGSL).

He is a CCF elder and leads BEYOND International Missions. He initiated the Multiplying Churches and Communities (MC2) training process in 2011. Church planting movements in more than 70 countries and thousands of house churches and multiplying small groups have been established through it. MC2 was recently launched at CCF as ""Go Viral"". His wife is Dr. Lui Whelchel and they have two grown and married children.

Modules Featuring Pastor Jim Whelchel

Book Studies

Book of Galatians

Join Dr. Jim Whelchel as he unpacks this important book so that we can know the true essence of the gospel.


Introduction to Apologetics

Learn the basics of how to defend the faith and go through a worldviews overview in this 2-part Apologetics module series.


Introduction to Missions

Learn the biblical concepts of world missions and see opportunities on how we can really go and make disciples of all the nations.


Starting Line

Starting Line is a primer for CCF Dgroup leaders on the essentials of small group discipleship.