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Discover the foundational doctrines behind the Statement of Faith which we believe and profess.

Session 1A: God's Word, The Bible, Part 1

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Session 1B
God’s Word, The Bible, Part 2
Session 2A
God’s Person and Nature, Part 1
Session 2B
God’s Person and Nature, Part 2
Session 3A
Jesus: His Person and Works, Part 1
Session 3B
Jesus: His Person and Works, Part 2
Session 4A
Salvation, Part 1
Session 4B
Salvation, Part 2
Session 5A
The Trinity, Part 1
Session 5B
The Trinity, Part 2
Session 6A
Marriage and Gender, Part 1
Session 6B
Marriage and Gender, Part 2

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Book 7: Family Life

Be a blessing to your family and lead them to Jesus as you become a Christ-like spouse, sibling and child.


Bible Survey 2010

This module presents an extensive chronological overview of the Bible from Genesis to Revelation.

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Book of James

Go through a 5-part book study series on the Book of James: Faith That Works.

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Book of Colossians

Learn more why “Jesus Is More Than Enough” through this 4-part Colossians Book Study Series


Love Move Meant

This 4-part module will help you discover what true love’s characteristics are.

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