Pastor Martin Sanders

Martin Sanders is an engineer and his wife Beth, a banker, were living comfortably with their three young children in San Diego, CA when he sensed God's call to ministry in Beth's home country. He was an associate missionary pastor at CCF, teaching Bible studies and with his wife, disciples a group of businessmen, and their wives.

It was here where GLC in Small Groups was pioneered by Pastor Martin when he integrated GLC training into regular Dgroup meetings. This training format is now used by many CCF Dgroups. After 15 years in the Philippines, the family returned to the US. Pastor Martin now serves as associate pastor at their church in San Diego. The Sanders children are all grown, with their own families, giving Pastor Martin and Beth grandchildren to dote on.

Modules Featuring Pastor Martin Sanders


Bible Survey 2010

This module presents an extensive chronological overview of the Bible from Genesis to Revelation.