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This module presents an extensive chronological overview of the Bible from Genesis to Revelation. It provides students with a working knowledge of the 66 books while focusing on the theme of God’s redemptive history through a review of the contribution of each book in God’s unfolding plan of redemption.

Session 1: The Importance of Bible Survey

Next Sessions

Session 2
The Pentateuch
Session 3
Historical Books, Part 1
Session 4
Historical Books, Part 2
Session 5
The Wisdom Literature and Poetry
Session 6
Major Prophets
Session 7
Minor Prophets
Session 8
The New Testament Gospels
Session 9
The Acts of the Apostles
Session 10
The Pauline Epistles
Session 11
General Epistles
Session 12

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Theology and Bible

Basic Doctrines 2

This module seeks to give you a biblical understanding on Biblical Anthropology, Soteriology, the Ecclesiology, and Eschatology.

Theology and Bible

Bible Study Methods 1

This module will equip students with twelve foundational skills in studying the Bible.


Book 7: Family Life

Be a blessing to your family and lead them to Jesus as you become a Christ-like spouse, sibling and child.

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Servant Leadership

What are the hallmarks of a true servant leader as far as God is concerned and as taught in the Bible?


Effective Communication

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“What is true success, and how does and ordinary man or woman achieve it? What is the ultimate purpose for success?

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