Pastor Bong Saquing

Rito “Bong” Saquing Jr. is one of the pastors of Christ Commission Fellowship (CCF) and is a motivational speaker both in the Philippines and abroad. His speaking engagements range from business organizations to schools, religious groups, and government institutions. Some of these business organizations include Mitsubishi Motors, Kraft GenFoods, and Jollibee Corporation. His ability to motivate has brought him to speak before a diverse group of professionals. He had been invited to speak before the House of Congress, the Professional Regulations Commission, the Philippine National Police, and other Government agencies. He spoke in national conventions (Motortrade and Tupperware) and various school events sponsored by Diwa Publications nationwide. He is also a speaker in the scientific symposiums of various Medical Societies, placed side by side with prominent scientific speakers to provide the more lasting food for our minds and souls. He has traveled in Europe, the United States, and in some Asian countries both as a conference delegate and speaker. He currently heads the CCF Marketplace ministries that serve in the private and government sectors thru Workplace Of Winners and Government Movers Enlightening the Nations (GMEN) respectively.
Our speaker graduated cum laude with a degree in Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and is a Certified Public Accountant. He is currently providing consultancy and marketing services to various business organizations, and is now one of the board of directors of UPLIFT CARES GLOBAL whose primary purpose is to uplift different communities in our country through significant endeavors that can help positively change our nation. He is happily married to Marinel for 31 years and has four children.

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