Dr. Peter and Deonna Tan-chi

Peter Tan-Chi is the founder and senior pastor of Christ's Commission Fellowship (CCF). What began as a home Bible study in 1983 with a few unchurched couples has now grown to over 122 local and international satellites, and to which millions are tuning in worldwide. He finished his Master's degree in management at the Asian Institute of Management and Doctorate degree in ministry at the International Graduate School of Leadership. He was recently recognized as a Distinguished Alumni of the UP College of Business Administration with the UPAA Distinguished Award in Entrepreneurship and Employment Creation. He co-authored a book on successful parenting entitled "MOTIVATE" with his wife Deonna, which shares biblical principles they applied in raising their five children, with whom they have twenty-one grandchildren.

Modules Featuring Dr. Peter and Deonna Tan-chi


Book 4: CCF DNA

See the big picture of what Christ’s Commission Fellowship is all about, discover our God given mission, vision, and core values.


Book 7: Family Life

Be a blessing to your family and lead them to Jesus as you become a Christ-like spouse, sibling and child.


Giving is Blessing

Find out why we can consider giving as blessing as you go through this short module with Pastor Peter Tanchi.


Spiritual Warfare

Dr. Peter Tan-Chi provides an overview of Biblical principles for Winning in Spiritual Warfare.


Starting Line

Starting Line is a primer for CCF Dgroup leaders on the essentials of small group discipleship.