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In everyday life, knowing and utilizing the truth is essential for our survival and success as individuals and societies. The truth does not discriminate between believers and non-believers of the truth, our acceptance or denial of it will have consequences either way. This series looks into the evidence of the truth for some of the most hotly-contested areas of belief on the origins of life, the Bible as the Word of God and its credibility and relevance to us today, including prophecies for our time. To discover the truth, just follow the evidence!

Session 1 - The Unheard Truth: Why the Bible Still Matters Today

Be equipped to answer hard questions about our faith, why we believe what we believe and help us to share God’s word with boldness as we go viral around the world.

Next Sessions

Session 1 – Q & A
Session 2 – God or Science: Do I Need to Choose?
Do science and faith go together, or do they oppose each other?
Session 2 – Q & A
Session 3 – Knowing God Amidst Chaos and Christmas
Is God like Santa Claus, jolly and harmless, granting wishes to good people? Or a vengeful deity who creates havoc through viruses, typhoons, against a disbelieving world? Or is He “Immanuel”, God with us born to the world on that first Christmas night, to be our Savior?
Session 3 – Q & A
Special Q&A Session
Got questions about God, faith, and the Bible?

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