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The lockdowns during the pandemic has caused major changes to our lives. More than the inconvenience it has caused us, this pandemic causes us to ask some of the most important questions about life and the afterlife; about faith in God, etc. This Bible Study series aims to help you discover life-transforming answers to these questions.

God's Way to Heaven

At the start of any journey how to get there is as important as where you’re headed. People have different ideas how to get to heaven; is there really more than one way to get to heaven?

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Heaven or Hell?
No matter how long and winding roads may seem, we will all have a final landing place. The question is, are we choosing the right destination?
You Must Be Born Again
If you ask people about what “born again” means, chances are you’ll be met with different and a lot of times conflicting answers. But what does it really mean?
Narrow or Wide Gate?
Life is a series of decisions. Did you know that Jesus teaches us the importance of making wise decisions?

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